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According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, right-sided flank pain may be caused by direct trauma, problems with the abdominal organs and other medical conditions. Structures outside the flank -- the area between the lower ribs and the hip bone, on the side of the torso -- may refer, or send, pain to the side of the body. Treatment For Flank Pain On Right Side. The treatment course for this health problem would depend on the underlying cause. The following are the remedies which people suffering from such condition can do at home: To be relieved by pain caused by muscle spasms, stretching exercise, physical. Kidney pain — also called renal pain — refers to pain from disease or injury to a kidney. You might feel kidney pain or discomfort as a dull, one-sided ache in your upper abdomen, side or back. But pain in these areas is often unrelated to your kidneys. Meaning of Right Flank Pain. Flank pain is in most cases due to a problem in the kidney or ureters, irrespective of whether it occurs on the right or left flank. However, there are various other causes that may also be responsible for flank pain and this can vary from the right side and left side.

Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Crespin on right flank dull pain: Right flank pain can be caused by kidney infection, kidney stone, muscle strain, pinched nerve, or referred pain from an abnormality in the colon or pelvic organs. If it persists you should see your physician for an. Right Side Abdominal Pain describes the Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for such abdominal pain. Some are very serious, all should be checked out. 23/06/2017 · Pain in the Right Side – When to See a Doctor. The reasons for experiencing pain on the right side of your body are many and varied. If right-sided chest pain and abdominal pain persist and natural remedies don’t give you relief, you should visit your doctor. Right Side Abdominal Pain After Drinking Could Be A Warning Sign Right Side Abdominal Pain And Alcohol. So often I get emails from people complaining of a dull ache in the right side of the abdomen. They want to know if this could be due to their alcohol use!

22/07/2012 · hello, I've had this mystery right flank discomfort/ache for over 10yrs now. It comes and goes, and it last Aprox. 6wks. It will subside, then resurface again within a month or two. It's tender in the right back flank hands on hip area and in the front under the ribcage. If I hold a large bag of dog food. 22/10/2011 · For two months now I have had a persistent pain and discomfort in my right flank area. It hurts in my lower right back and wraps aroung the bottom of my rib cage to the front right side. It feels like a vice grip around my lower rib cage in front, or like a belt tightening. Also, when I. 15/02/2018 · More often than not, pain in the lower right abdomen is nothing to worry about and will go away on its own in a day or two. This includes gas, indigestion, or cramps. The pain may also be due to a chronic condition or kidney infection. We share the other symptoms you should look out for and when to.

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