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08/08/2019 · This is a bottle of Laphroaig aged 10 years, bottled at 43%. My local has a going rate of $45 for a 750 ml bottle with a loyalty card and I am nothing if not loyal to my local purveyors of spirits. It’s widely available and often on special at Amazon, Master of Malt or the Whisky Exchange. Laphroaig Aged 10 Years – Review. Laphroaig 10 is one of the cornerstones of any Scotch whisky library and a name that most aficionados are familiar with. Hailing from Islay, it has all the characteristics you expect – peat, smoke, even medicinal smells like band-aids though not as iodine-y as Lagavulin to go along with the spice. 07/08/2018 · Battlehill Laphroaig 10 Review: An in-depth look at the Battlehill Laphroaig 10 including price, tasting notes, mash bill, wood used and more - The first time I tried this was at a Malt Nuts Laphroaig Tasting we did in 2017.

I first reviewed Laphroaig 10 way back in my 49th review about 2.5yrs ago while at a company outing and gave it a 91. Granted, this was after a few drinks, so probably not the most reliable of reviews. When I visited Islay last June with my wife, we went to Laphroaig, and claimed the. More Islay Benchmarks – Laphroaig 10 and QC. February 26, 2011 by Scotch Hobbyist. Introduction. With Ardbeg 10 86 points serving as a benchmark whisky for my Islay scotch reviews, I decided I needed another benchmark that I would rate closer to 80 points. Reddit; Like this: Like. 2017 November 7, 2019 17 Comments laphroaig, laphroaig 10, laphroaig 10 review, laphroaig 10 year old, laphroaig 10 year old review, laphroaig review, whisky, Whisky Review, whisky reviews. 17 thoughts on “ Laphroaig 10 Year Old ” gentlemangrimm says: February 16, 2017 at 10:16 pm Always loved Laphroaig 10 year. 20/09/2008 · One of the other reviewers said he doesn't know any scotch lover who dislikes Laphroaig or words to that effect. Well, my dad is exactly that. loves scotch, would buy JW Black all the time if he could, loves my Macallan, but can't take those western island scotches: no Talisker, nor Lagavulin, and certainly no Laphroaig. 25/07/2014 · The no-water-added cask strength brother of the mighty Lap 10 is this, the Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength. Clocking in at a whopping 114.4 proof this bruiser of whisky is as close as you can get to tasting it straight from the barrel in the comfort of your own home. However, this is not a single barrel.

Laphroaig is my favourite distillery and in some ways the entry-level Laphroaig 10 may be my favourite real world whisky. By this I don't mean this is the whisky I rate more highly than any other; I mean that it presents most of what I like about Laphroaig at a price that would allow me. 17/02/2010 · Ardbeg 10 is about the same price as Laphroaig 10, and much more well-balanced, I think. Just as peaty, but a bit more like a fireplace, less like licking the embers in said fireplace and I say this as a card-carrying Laphroaig-drinking lover of ember-licking. Lagavulin and Talisker are also quite nice, as others have pointed out.

Laphroaig 10-Year-Old Cask Strength The smokiest single malt from Laphroaig is its 10-Year-Old Cask Strength $70. This golden spirit offers bursts of peat smoke in. I think I had my first pour of Laphroaig 10 in 2005. Until now I've not had any iterations of this classic malt distilled/bottled in earlier eras. The whisky in this sample, which I received in trade from Sku, was bottled in 2000, so it's not so very much older than the earliest I've had. 19/12/2016 · Conversely Ardbeg 10 is my favorite entry level peated Scotch. It’s more complex than the Laphroaig 10 with a much longer and enjoyable finish. The Laphroaig 10 is great for the money though usually $10 cheaper than Ardbeg 10. My final point is I prefer Ardbeg 10 and Laphroaig 10 over the current version of Lagavulin 16 and it’s not close. 20/12/2016 · The first time I tried this was in a blind tasting I held at my house for a handful of friends where we tasted and ranked the 2016 Cairdeas, Lore, 10, 10 CS, 25 and the 30. For me the Cairdeas won, but the 30 came trailing close behind and followed by the Lore. We’ll dive deeper into the Laphroaig 30 review below. Laphroaig 30 Info. Laphroaig 10yo is a full-bodied, smoky gem, with a residual sweetness and a hint of salt amid the seaweedy, peaty characters before a long warming finish. A classic dram.

At 10 years old, the Laphroaig is a bit more vibrant and energetic. At 16 years old, the Lagavulin is slightly more refined and genteel noting that peatiness diminishes with time in the cask. To many palates, Laphroaig offers a green, mossy bonfire smoke and a sweeter malt. 10/07/2015 · One of my all-time favorites, it's a peaty, smokey, delicious experience if you appreciate peat, and it's totally disgusting if you don't like peat: Check. I received this sample in a reddit swap with TWS member /u/kinohead when we met up for a pint in Toronto. I'm a big fan of the Quarter Cask, enjoyed the 10 thoroughly and love the Cairdeas Origin from 2012, so I have high hopes for this dram! Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength batch 004 - 58.6%. 13/11/2017 · Laphroaig 27 Review: Overall. Laphroaig 27 is a totally unique Laphroaig but in a good way. The smoke has faded to the point of allowing all of the fruitier notes to shine. Don’t get me wrong, I love the unrelenting brutality of younger Laphroaig, but this has refinement and elegance that brings elegance and subtlety to the whisky. Laphroaig 10 and Ardbeg 10 are the two that are available to me and in my price range. which do you prefer and why? Which do you think I would enjoy more as mainly a Speyside drinker? Also, some folks have told me that what I want is the Laphroaig 10 cask strength. and it.

Laphroaig 10 Years Old viene distillato nello stesso modo da quasi 75 anni. Il malto d’orzo viene essiccato su un fuoco di torba, torba che proviene esclusivamente dall’isola di Islay e che conferisce al Laphroaig il suo particolare sapore.

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